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Tarka Developers

Today every one isbusy with their carrieers and business. Experiencing peace of mind has become practically impossible. Why not make impossible possible? ...Read More >>

Tarka System and Services

Tarka System and Services,established in 2007, is an authorised distributor of "KNOCKOUT Spray". The uniques spray is available in Pune ,only with Tarka System and Services....Read More>>

Zakaas-The Food Joint

A Ever Green place with plesent ambiance to hang out with your dear once and enjoy great food at affordable prices.Come and enjoy at our Zakaas, located in Karve Nagar.We offer Sancks,Maharastrian, SouthIndian and ....Read More>>

Tarka Communication

The authorised distributor of MTS products. Products includes MTS mobile phones, MTS USB internet modems,MTS telephones and many more MTS products at attractive offers on the MTS products....Read More>>

Tarka Fisheries

Tarka Fishereis has a great source of fishes.we ourself create fishes. We cultivate our own fishers at our own fisheries without relying on any external body like suppliers.It is also known.....Read More>>

Tarka Hatcheries

The page is under construction....Read More>>

Tarka Renewable Energy

The page is under construction....Read More>>

Tarka Institutes

The page is under construction....Read More>>

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