Tarka System and Services, established in 2007 is an authorised distributor of Knockout Spray. The unique spray is available in pune only and only with Tarka System and Services. It very good for your safety. It is handy so you can carry it easily wherever you go.Taking into consideration today's environment,we can say that the world is not a very safe place now, not only for women but also for men, senior citizens as well as for children also. If you are living alone at your home,it is your best weapon for self defense. This small and handy weapon will protect you from robbery, theft and other such dangerous issues which may arise. If anyone try to harass you,simply open the spray's cap and spray it on that person's eye .Thus he won't be able to see anything as his eyes will start itching for about 30-45 minutes thereby providing you with ample amount of time to escape or call the police.

Details of Knockout spray  |  How to use  |  Application  

Details of Knockout spray

1. It is a time tested self-defense device that protects its user in unwanted situations. It relies on a powerful Pepper formula which upon direct contact with the attacker's eyes,forces them to tear and slam shut instantly, while causing uncontrollable sneezing, coughing and intense burning pain on skin and in nasal cavity.

2.KnockOut does not have any side effect. It is non toxic and non lethal.

3.Easy to carry and use. So it's a handy,small yet a powerful bodyguard.

4.Being a pocket size personal guard no special training is needed to use it. It is as simple to operate as a room freshener.

Key Features

+ Zero failure : Each unit is properly tested before shipping.

+ Fastest acting : Takes less than a second to affect.

+ Effective : It is effective upto 8 feet.

+ Immobilises : It immobilises the attacker for 30-45 minutes.

+ Trusted ally : It is a trusted ally in any situation,at any time,at any place.

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